How does Indoor Air Pollution Happen?

  • Most of the air in our homes, offices and schools comes in through the AC system. But AC does not filter the air – it just chills it.
  • Outdoor air pollution moves around as the wind blows – but indoors, the indoor air pollution is one-way, with no recycling. So it builds up over time to very unhealthy levels
  • When high humidity is added to the mix, harmful organic bacteria and mold spores develop and add to the danger
  • We spend 99% of our time indoors, either at home, in school or in the office. So we are breathing concentrated airborne pollution all day, every day.

Available for the first time ever to residential clients, our Airsafe filters scrub sub-micron sized airborne respiratory viruses, bacteria, allergens and dust from the air. By installing Airsafe filters on a standard box fan, you will reduce airborne particles in a room by up to 93% in 12 hours. Airsafe truly is a breakthrough in creating healthy indoor air. It’s like putting a safety mask on your home

Why do I need such High Filtration?

This chart shows how small virus and bacteria particles are. But in this part of the world, it’s not just the sub-micron particles that are dangerous.

Cities in the GCC are regularly 4-5 times over the maximum safe limit set by the World Health Organisation for airborne pollution , mainly because of the ultra-fine dust blowing in from the desert.

Ultra-fine dust is disturbed every time you wipe a surface, because the dust becomes airborne again for a time.

Airsafe captures ALL these airborne contaminants whenever you switch on your fan with our filter attached to the back.

Airsafe Filters and Fans

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And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even attached the filter to the fan for you! So when you open the box, you can just “plug and play”..

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